Combo of 1 UV DSLR 52mm Lens Filter + 1 Lens Hood

Combo of 1 UV DSLR 52mm Lens Filter + 1 Lens Hood


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Product Description

Combo of 1 UV DSLR 52mm Lens Filter + 1 Lens Hood Features:
52mm Haze UV Filter Lens Protect High Quality New 52mm
Good quality!
Protects lens from dust, moisture, scratches, and breakage
With the influence from UV light, the outdoor photos look hazy, The UV filters are suitable for both black and color films under bright sunshine, which could be used to limit UV light and also as lens protector
Made of Optics Glass and metal (not plastic)
Suitable for: ALL 52mm LENS of DSLR / SLR / DC / DV M42 Old Lenses

Lens Hood

1, In the backlighting, side light or flash photography, can prevent the nonimage light enter, avoid mist,

2, In the light and side light photography, can avoid around the scattering light into lens,

3, In light photography or night photography, can avoid the interference of light around into the lens,

(4) can prevent the lens of the accidental injury, also can avoid finger false contact lens surface, still can to a certain extent for lens keep out wind and sand, rain and snow,

Hood is widely used in the backlight photography, generally speaking to avoid glare, But, if the light source is closer, there are still possible glare phenomena, At this time, can use his hands on one side of the light shade hood, Glare is eliminate, from viewfinder observe clearl

Color: Black&Transparent

Pack content:
1 x Haze UV Filter Lens Protect
1x Lens Hood


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